Saturday, May 9, 2015

Unperfect Attendance and Family Fun

Our children are involved in a lot of activities. I think activities are important for a variety of reasons, but finding balance is tricky. As a parent and a teacher, commitment is a big deal to me. I want my children to know that if they are a part of a class or team, they must respect the teacher/coach and the team/class by showing up, working hard, and making it count. Attendance is obviously a huge part of that.

Sister Photo 2015

However, various school events come up that I want them to experience, but they have to miss their other obligations because of them. Do I let them skip practice or do I make them be fully committed?

Sometimes it's not an event that we skip for. Sometimes they are just too tired. It's obvious as soon as they get off the bus that they need a rest day. Do I say - grab a Red Bull and let's go? No - they stay home because their little bodies need a day off.

I struggle with knowing when it's okay to skip and when skipping is setting a bad example for the future. This week we skipped dance because we went to their school's annual carnival. Last night they skipped their track meet because they were too tired. (Of course they deny their exhaustion, but their exhaustion-induced, demon like behaviors give them away every time.)

At this point, their absence from activities really doesn't matter. It's not like their absence from track is affecting anyone's potential high school scholarship. When DOES it matter though? I let them skip when they need to now because they are so little, but these conflicting events will keep happening. They will keep getting tired, but one day they won't be little anymore. Will I know when it matters? Or will I be the mom that lets them skip things "because they need to"... and then they turn into the college kids that skip class all semester... and then the employees who call out of work too much?

Saturday, May 2, 2015

You're a what?!?!?

I'm a Beachbody Coach. Here I am:

Seriously though, I didn't even know that Beachbody coaching was a thing. I found out when I was purchasing my 21 Day Fix. If I signed up to be a coach, I got the package and all of future Shakeology and workout programs at a discount. It made so much sense. BUT, as I was filling out the coaching form and buying my Challenge Pack, here's the convo that went down between my Self-Conscious and me:

Me: "It makes so much sense to buy this package as a discount coach."
SC: "Really? C'mon. Who are you going to "coach? You can't stop eating potato chips."
Me: "I'm never going to tell anyone about it. I'm just doing it for the discount."
SC: "Because let's be real. If you told anyone, they'd say... 'say whaaat?!?!' You can't blame baby weight on your far from perfect physique since your 'baby' is about to start pre-school!"
Me: "You're right. Shut up!"

So my self-conscious way right. My secret's out. That's not ACTUALLY my head on that bikini bod up there. SURPRISE!!!!!

Here I am. With my "baby" on her 3rd birthday. 

I am not a personal trainer. I am not a nutritionist. I'm not an expert at anything, in any category. BUT, I have been following the Beachbody philosophy for some time now. I have begun my journey to a healthy lifestyle, but I don't have a destination. I have a mindset. I feel healthy. I feel strong. I don't necessarily have a weight loss goal or a pant size goal. My goal is to stay consistent. I won't hear myself saying "wow, I really need to start exercising again," because I don't plan on stopping.

I "outed" myself as a coach by accident. I was really enjoying my first round of 21 Day Fix and then I was REALLY enjoying my lovely P90X3. For anyone that knows me personally, I am a TALKER. I talk about everything and anything that I love. I talked about my experience, and here's the crazy part -- People actually cared! They had questions! They valued what I was saying! They wanted to experience this for themselves!! Before I knew it, I had a whole list of challengers and a growing team of coaches - BOOM! and just like that, I'm a Beachbody Coach!

If a Beachbody program or coaching sounds like something you are interested in, fill out the attached application. I would love for you to be there with me and the rest of my group for our lifelong journey to health and fitness!!


Wednesday, April 22, 2015


What qualifies a mom to be a "Supermom?"
I'm sure most of you reading this have been called "Supermom" at some point since becoming a parent.
Every single time someone calls me Supermom, my brain immediately thinks of every single mistake I made that day. Why is that? We all can shine in certain circumstances, but we also are making mistakes all the time.
-I had a little binky pouch strapped to my youngest daughter's car seat because it was a new, cool thing that didn't exist when my oldest was a baby. It appears that I'm so prepared to protect her from germs, right? Someone who either isn't a parent or did not have one of these new gadgets for their baby calls me Supermom. ........but she didn't see the baby drop her binky 3 million times and me pop it in my mouth to "get the germs off."
-Daugthers #2 and #3 only ate homemade baby food. It was a thing I wanted to do. I get called Supermom. ......they didn't see me give in to peer pressure and let the older ones eat 100 cheese puffs and drink too many juice boxes.
-I'm prepared with self-stick, disposable placemats for the kids to use at the out door ice cream shop. I get called Supermom. ........they didn't see me forget to clean their hands with hand-wipes before eating ice cream cones....with their hands!
Isolated situations can make it seem like we have it all together, but no one knows what is happening before or after those situations. And I'm pretty sure that no one has it ALL together ALL the time. Children are unpredictable - that's their job!
The only thing we do know is that we're all trying our best. 
If someone calls you Supermom, just own it, but NOT because this person is impressed that your children are impeccably dressed and accessorized, and you showed up to the party on time. Own your Supermom title because you love your babies, would do anything for them, and because you are doing your best..... even in the ugly moments when you feel like you're not.
......and maybe the most deserving reason for the Supermom title are the moments when we evaluate our own parenting behavior and think about all the ways would could/should have handled a situation better. The fact that we are evaluating ourselves at all makes us Supermoms because it shows how much we care, that we are always trying to improve, and that want to be the best moms not can be!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Why MommyJustRun?

I took a year off from teaching when Amy was born. I also ran in the Broad Street Run that spring. I did most of the scheduled runs during the day, so the girls were with me for the majority of them.
Mother's Day 2010, 1 week after the BSR

When I would get tired and slow down or take a walk break, Addison would say "Mommy just run!" 

She said it in the most innocent and excited way. She knew nothing about self-doubt, motivation, goals, fear, endurance, ability, and so on. She just knew that she loved going for the ride, and I was her Mommy who, to her, could do anything! I was supposed to be running, so I should be running! Duh! 

So, I kept running every time she reminded me, And you know what, I was usually okay. 

"Mommy Just Run" reminds me that I (and I think many grown-ups) get in our own way. With everything. Kids keep it simple. They love to see their parents doing productive things. And they really do think that we can do anything. 

Addison started telling me "Mommy just run," but her sisters followed right along. 

Addison almost 4, Amy 2: "Mommy Just Run!"

Addison 4, Amy almost 3, Aubrey about 8 weeks: "Mommy Just Run!"

Addison 6, Amy 5, Aubrey 2: "Mommy Just Run!" 

Addison 7, Amy 5 (hiding behind the blanket), Aubrey 3: "Mommy Just Run!"

Usually I walk fast because I either have a kid strapped to me and/or a dog with us. They still tell me "Mommy Just Run," but it means more to me than what it says. It means "keep going because....why not?" 

Do I have a perfect body? Nope.
Ideal percentage of body fat? No.
Do my skinny jeans fit? Button: yes. 
Suitable to wear in public? No.
Do my daughters see me active and get to spend time with me while I'm exercising? YES! 

And that's pretty much all that matters to me. I'm not a super athlete or in the most amazing shape, but that's not really what I care about. My kids think I'm pretty awesome and that I can do anything - I'm the luckiest Mom in the world!  

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

3 years went fast!

Today I turn 33. When I turned 25, I was preparing to deliver our oldest daughter. My purpose in life was to have babies. As soon as a baby was born, I got my body back in shape and prepared to have another. Before I knew it, we had three beautiful daughters, and our family was complete.

Since I knew that we were done having babies, I tried to hold on to every second of every stage. I forgot to worry that much about getting back into shape since I wasn't preparing for another pregnancy.  Somewhere along the way, I really stopped caring about the number on the scale and whether or not my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans fit. I was proud of my body and thankful that it created our three amazing daughters.

But, our baby is turning three. Three years have passed since I delivered her. The time has come for me to care again. So, for my birthday, I am giving myself a mission. I doubt I'll ever have the same mindset that I had in college about being skinny. I don't use the word diet or weigh myself a million times (in front of my children at least.) I have three daughters - that means I have three little people that I must set a good example for.

I want my daughters to grow up in a household where eating is fun but healthy and exercise is a part of life.

SO - to hold myself accountable for this adventure I'm taking, I'll be posting photos on Instagram each day for 30 days. The photos won't always be me exercising, but they'll include some proof that it's happening.  Wish me luck and check in to see how I'm doing!! :-)

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Addison Sienna


Addie is creative and hilarious as ever. She most definitely marches to her own hip-hop beat! Addie is a big 1st grader that can read, write, and even do mental math!!! She spends more time with notebooks and clipboards making lists, charts, and diagrams than she does playing with toys. She's scary smart and surprises me all the time. She's stubborn and motivated. She looks like Mommy but acts like Daddy. Another perfect combo :)

Finally, these two :)

Stewie came into our family 5 years ago. He and Amy were both babies. Stewie has grown up with our family.

Lately, we've been feeling like Stewie needed a buddy, even in the crazy house with 3 little girls. We've been wanting to get him a doggie sibling. Meet Bella. Bella is a year old and is now a member of our family. It's a little crazier around here, but it's nothing we can't handle. I think she completed our family :)