Thursday, July 14, 2011

Busy Week!

We've had a busy week around here! Addison is doing a 5-day cheerleading camp this week that runs from 6-7:30. (Pictures of Cheer camp will come after her "Pep Rally" tomorrow with her special cheer camp t-shirt!)
More exciting news about Amy's birthday: all of the decorations I ordered arrived today!!! They are ADORABLE, and I can not wait to put the whole thing together!!!!! Here's a glimpse:
The girls' lunch yesterday: cute!!!
Their dessert:
...the recipe and instructions are from Disney Family Fun magazine. It was incredibly easy, the girls loved making it, and it tasted great!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Amy will be 2 in a few weeks!!!!!!!!!!!
I can not believe she's two already - omigoodness! I suppose that means we need another ;)
Okay - back to the topic of discussion:
Of course, the ideas have been rolling in. Here is a glimpse of what is to come............
iced-sugar cookies with Amy's "DJ Lance" hat....

i'm not sure if i'll actually do these,
but the straight lines and matching colors make me feel good ;)

mmm :) beautiful flowers in pretty glass jars. easy-peasy :)

love it! we'll probably do these as a group project!

not sure of the proper name here, but the "tissue paper-puff balls" make me very excited!

::sighhh:: :-)

and, YES!, Amy will have THIS cake! ...made by me!
(these characters will be my first real attempt at sculpting edible figures - I'm PUMPED!!!)
And, the most exciting part of all.... do you remember the photos of inspiration from Amy's 1st birthday party?!?!?!? Well, those pictures were taken by Le Poppy Design - who is the owner of the MOST AMAZING ETSY SHOP OF ALL TIME! I am happy to announce that Amy will have her VERY OWN Le Poppy custom designs at her party!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are coming this week, and I CAN NOT contain my excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND - remember that adorable cake?!?! All of her party products will match THAT CAKE! aaaahhhhhh :-) :-) :-) :-)

Monday, July 4, 2011

We love SUMMER!

I definitely added text into this Picasa photo collage, but it obviously disappeared. So, these are a few of the fun things that went down this week...
-CD painings (we used these to make a 4th of July banner)
-help Mommy make blueberry pancakes
-Backyard Obstacle course - which was AWESOME!!!
I'm really, really enjoying our new camera! It is really motivating me to take LOTS of pictures, and I'm forcing myself to be disciplined with loading the pictures to our computer!
I don't know enough words to express how much I love being home with my girs right now. Our days are all amazing! Unless we have an event or shopping trip planned, our schedule goes pretty much like this:
*wake up, get situated, Mommy has coffee
*wash up, get dressed, apply sunblock
*decide what's for breakfast/help Mommy cook breakfast and load up stroller
*jog/walk a few miles with Stewie while the girlies relax in their stroller seats and eat breakfast
*play in the yard / do projects until lunch
*eat lunch and take naps/ Mommy does chores
*wake up and play until Daddy comes home/ Mommy cooks dinner

Sunday, June 26, 2011

First Week of Summer

Have I mentioned that I LOVE being home in the summer? We only had 1/2 of the week home, but we did lots of this:
Addison started karate last week, and she loves it!
I really like the idea of a Summer in Snapshots, so I'm going to try to do it here. Also, we recently purchased a very nice grown-up camera, so I've really been enjoying taking pictures of EVERYTHING. (Not that I know what I'm doing!) Hopefully I keep up with it ;)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

We've Missed You :)

Well, it has been quite a year! That is a little glimpse as to how things went. I considered, in early September, keeping my posts current. However, I realized very quickly that was never actually going to happen. Keeping up with chores was hard enough - I'm not good enough to keep up with a blog, too!

I have to say that the year was actually great! Life got crazy, of course, as it always does. I was an emotional wreck when I worked the year that Addison was a baby. I thought, for sure, I'd be worse this time. I waited and waited, but I never got sad. Of course I would have loved to stare at them in my living everyday instead, but I was completely okay and proud to be a Mom and a teacher.

Through all of the chaos of keeping up with chores, making lunches and dinner, after school activities, etc, we somehow still managed to bake flax seed-banana muffins, wear matching clothes with coordinating hair bows, and do art projects. I tried my best to do all of the things the little things that I really value AND have a job, too.

It turns out that the stress I brought myself in choosing the best childcare for the girls was 100% worth it. I loved their school, and, more importantly, they loved their school. They loved their teachers, their friends, their art projects and their lessons. Addison cried until November when we finally read The Kissing Hand, and I started kissing her hands before I left and waved to her from the parking lot. By Christmas, she was completely adjusted. She just told me last week, "Mommy, I'm really going to miss my friends this summer." I couldn't believe it!

So - we are back, and I've never been so ready for summer to begin!!

Here are a few pictures of some BIG days this year:


The girls' last day of school.......

Friday, August 27, 2010

completely out of breath

I don't know/I don't want to know the exact number of days that I have left as a stay-at-home Mom. It's ending faster than I can keep up with. Because I tend to panic when things feel chaotic, it is no surprise to me that, before school starts, I want to have the house completely clean, every bit of laundry done and put away, a few days of meals planned (or even prepared and frozen), the girls' clothes (with matching hair accessories) laid out, etc. I need to do these things for the same reason I created a timeline (with actual times) of "things to do" for the day before and the day of Addison's 1st Birthday party...and for the same reason that I STILL have it hanging on my fridge. Reason: I can handle a WHOLE LOT when the little things in my life are taken care of. That list is still hanging on my fridge because it reminds me that I like being organized.

The downfall to me trying to do all of this: I'm spending so much of my last days running around the house, rather than staring at their adorable, sweet, and unknowing (that we are soon going to be apart for 8 hours each day) faces. Addison has a tendency to "get into things" when I am busy with tasks that do not involve her... like "flour" her nose... and cheeks..and shirt...and dog, or put lotion (aka - diaper cream) all over her legs. (I tell myself that this is normal almost-3-year-old behavior. Please let me believe it.) For doing such things, she gets some type of fitting punishment. Usually she resists...often she cries. The reason she does these things is because I'm busy. I'm busy because I'm preparing for next week. **the way I view the** the Moral of the story = Addison is getting punished because I am preparing to go back to work. Instead of playing with her while I still have her with me, I am occupied with other things that I would, otherwise, not be doing at that time, leaving her to "get into things." JAMIE = GUILT. ugh.

I should be able to do it all...and handle everything - to get my endless tasks done and to spend complete quality time with them. I feel like I wasted this whole week. I was doing so well with having to go back to work. Then this week happened. It happened faster than I could keep up with and I just kept losing time to just be with them. And I started to wonder if I wasted this precious year I was able to spend with them.

I know that these problems are actually blessings. Here goes:

Leaving my daughters to go to work... I have two perfect daughters.
I have to go to work... I have a job.
After 15 amazing months with them, I'm going back to work... I had 15 amazing months with them.
They are going to a phenomenal school instead of a stranger with no other children to play with... They are going to a phenomenal school....(that will teach them even more than I did!)

It just doesn't always feel that way. Especially when I look at them.

I pray that my actions this year have shown how I feel about the time I've had at home with them because I can't find the words to describe what it has been to me. done for me. meant to me.

Did I read them enough books?
Did we do enough projects?
Did we make enough recipes?
Did we play outside enough?
Did we use our imaginations enough?
Did I say "I love you" enough?
Was I a good example for them?
Was I the Mom I want to be?
Did I have enough patience?
Did I thank God enough?

I hope so.

There has been a long delay in posts, again. But this time was deliberate. I knew this post was coming. I was just avoiding.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Random, then..A use of Kool-Aid I definitely approve of...

Bob has been working 13 hour days lately, so he falls asleep 30 seconds after coming home, which means we haven't been able to decide on a school. This really poses no actual cause for concern - it's been two whole days. But, much to every one's surprise, I am obsessive and slightly crazy. Once I get onto something, I can not stop thinking about it, and I need to resolve it immediately. So, finally, we decided last night that The Malvern School is the place for us. It is amazing, and I can't even describe how much the girls will learn. As surprised as I am to say this, I'm actually excited for September to come because I know they will love it! I'm so excited for them!!! The Malvern School
I updated my Etsy shop!!! I wanted to include the same header on my blog, but it kept getting squished and looked funny. So I did a similar one. I think it looks good. If nothing else, I think it looks better than the non-existent header that was formerly placed there.
Also, I added a few new bows and took off a few that I didn't love. AND, I made different pages with different "party planning" items. I figured that I might as well share both things that I love to do with the world. (Even if I don't get least people are checking them out!!!)
Now..... KOOL-AID PLAYDOUGH!!!!!!!
We LOVE Homemade "Kool-Aid Playdough" for three reasons:
1. Kool-Aid, as a drink, is awful. For an adult, eh, I suppose adults are allowed to make bad choices. For children, however, Kool-Aid, as a drink, is horrendous. There is no good that can come from consuming a beverage made from sugar and flavored sugar. Yuck.
2. All kids love Play-doh, but....what's in it?!?!? The label says "non-toxic," but I don't believe labels. Since I've had children, I've almost become a complete traitor to all things commercial. Just because they put it in an attractive package and say it's not harmful, I should believe it? Maybe so. But why pay for it when we can make it at home for about $.60?!?!?
3. Making it gives Addison and I one more opportunity to make things together. Her dumping and mixing skills are getting quite good ;)

Once it's done, it provides all of the same excitement as regular "Play-doh." Of course, I do not buy the actual toys from the toy store that are sold for such activities. They play with various kitchen utensils and gadgets. They love it, and don't know the difference!!!
You can do all of the same things as you normally would....
Cut out shapes with various cookie cutters....
Roll it into balls and make snowmen...
In case you'd like some for yourself....
Mix together the following:
1 c flour
1/2 c salt
3 T cooking oil
1 package Kool-Aid
Then, mix in:
1 c boiling water.
Keep mixing until it forms a ball. Let it cool, then play the day away :-)
Store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator. It lasts for months!!!!