Tuesday, March 24, 2015

3 years went fast!

Today I turn 33. When I turned 25, I was preparing to deliver our oldest daughter. My purpose in life was to have babies. As soon as a baby was born, I got my body back in shape and prepared to have another. Before I knew it, we had three beautiful daughters, and our family was complete.

Since I knew that we were done having babies, I tried to hold on to every second of every stage. I forgot to worry that much about getting back into shape since I wasn't preparing for another pregnancy.  Somewhere along the way, I really stopped caring about the number on the scale and whether or not my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans fit. I was proud of my body and thankful that it created our three amazing daughters.

But, our baby is turning three. Three years have passed since I delivered her. The time has come for me to care again. So, for my birthday, I am giving myself a mission. I doubt I'll ever have the same mindset that I had in college about being skinny. I don't use the word diet or weigh myself a million times (in front of my children at least.) I have three daughters - that means I have three little people that I must set a good example for.

I want my daughters to grow up in a household where eating is fun but healthy and exercise is a part of life.

SO - to hold myself accountable for this adventure I'm taking, I'll be posting photos on Instagram each day for 30 days. The photos won't always be me exercising, but they'll include some proof that it's happening.  Wish me luck and check in to see how I'm doing!! :-)

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Addison Sienna


Addie is creative and hilarious as ever. She most definitely marches to her own hip-hop beat! Addie is a big 1st grader that can read, write, and even do mental math!!! She spends more time with notebooks and clipboards making lists, charts, and diagrams than she does playing with toys. She's scary smart and surprises me all the time. She's stubborn and motivated. She looks like Mommy but acts like Daddy. Another perfect combo :)

Finally, these two :)

Stewie came into our family 5 years ago. He and Amy were both babies. Stewie has grown up with our family.

Lately, we've been feeling like Stewie needed a buddy, even in the crazy house with 3 little girls. We've been wanting to get him a doggie sibling. Meet Bella. Bella is a year old and is now a member of our family. It's a little crazier around here, but it's nothing we can't handle. I think she completed our family :)

And us...

Life gets hectic, but I'd say we do a pretty good job of of balancing the chaos. Our "date nights" mostly consist of watching something on Netflix once the kids are in bed and hoping we both can stay awake to see the whole thing. We took our first trip this fall without the kids. It was the first time we'd ever been away from them for more than 24 hours. We had the best babysitter ever, so the kids had fun at home, and we had an amazing time away. We still joke around, do sweet things for each other, and get excited about the little things like we did 10 years ago, so I think we're doing pretty well :)

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Amy Leigh
Amy is 5 1/2 and still her sweet, happy self. She does cartwheels and back-bends all day long. She wiggles, giggles, and loves to cuddle. She's a kindergartner now, and has even lost two teeth. Her adorable lisp that comes with these missing teeth melts my heart! She looks like Daddy, but acts like Mommy. She's the perfect combo :) The world, through Amy's eyes, is good, peaceful and SPARKLY! 


Meet Miss Aubrey Grace
She was not even in my belly when I last posted!
Look at her now!That face. She's going to be one heck of a mommy when she grows up - she takes the best care of her baby dolls that I've ever seen. She loves dancing and wears tap shoes all day - she even sleeps in them sometimes. She's hilarious and talks our heads off. She makes us laugh all day long. Except for when she's being gosh-darn stubborn. She can remember the words to more songs than I. I could stare at those eyes all day long. She's our baby!

Monday, March 16, 2015

We're Back!

Here we are!!! 
It's been over three years since I wrote here, and I kinda missed it. 
I'm back for now. We'll see how it goes. 
Since so much has happened, I think I'll do a little recap for each of us.. 
Check back tomorrow :)